How to Lose Weight Oddly Yet Effectively

Planning to shed some weight? You're going to have to work hard because that's how real and sustainable results are achieved. No pain, no gain. But of course, you need not be bored in the process. And you can always slot in one quick and odd, yet highly effective trick here and there.

Consider these tips for weight loss below:

1. Hang a mirror on the wall that fronts your place at the dinner table.

According to one study, eating in front of a mirrors decreased the amount of food people had by about one-third. Looking at yourself while you eat somehow reminds you that you have to go easy on your meal because you are working towards a certain goal.

2. Eat more in the morning than at night.

In a study, a group of obese women took in 700 calories for breakfast, 500 for lunch, and 200 for dinner. Another group consumed the same meals but in the opposite sequence. By the 14th month, the big-breakfast group became lighter by 18 pounds, while the big-dinner group only shed seven.

3. Take photos of your food.

Instead of listing down each morsel, take a picture of it. A visual account is said to help you curb your appetite.

4. Have only wrapped candy.

Based on a Swiss study, people would have 30 percent less candy if this needed unwrapping. It requires effort to peel off the wrapper, making snackers want less.

5. Sniff a banana.

It feels silly, but it's effective. This tactic was, in fact, the focus of a study where there were a total of 3,000 volunteer participants. It was noted that the more frequently the subjects sniffed, the less hungry they became, allowing them to lose around 30 pounds each. One perspective is that sniffing the food makes your brain think that you're actually eating it.

6. Light a vanilla-scented candle just when you're about to eat dessert.

It has been shown that the aroma can neutralize dessert cravings. A group composed of 160 people shed about of 4.5 pounds each just by wearing vanilla-scented patches.

7. Use all things blue.

You don't see too many restaurants with blue walls or decor: the color is an appetite dampener. According to research, people eat about 33% less in a blue room simply because bluish light tends to make food look less appetizing. So use blue plates and a blue tablecloth for your dining table, paint your dining room's walls blue, wear blue during mealtime, etc. Avoid orange, yellow and red because studies have shown that they stimulate appetite.

8. Turn down the tunes and the lights up.

The dim lighting in restaurants isn't only meant to create a romantic atmosphere; it is also intended to make customers order more food. Low lighting somehow eases eating inhibitions. As for music, soft tunes make you chew more leisurely, which means you will be chewing your food longer and quieting your appetite faster. As a result, you lose weight. Find out more weight loss tips here.